Our Mission

Technology literacy will be the key to success in the future. However, our education system is not currently focused on technology in a thorough enough way to properly prepare students for jobs in the tech industry. This leaves our future workforce in a very challenging situation, because we will not have enough workers to meet the demands of the future economy. Our goal at iFusionFoundation is to drive avenues for success through education, experience, inspiration, awareness, and opportunities and pathways for success.

While there are many programs that work to provide technology hardware and software for classrooms, we believe that this leaves a huge gap in the solving the real problem. The real problem, and one that is somewhat hidden, is having qualified teachers that can teach the “knowledge” part of relevant topics in a practical and hands-on way, that enables the workforce of the future. This is a gap which the education system struggles with, because the pace of change in industry is so fast that by the time schools start to teach a concept, that concept has already changed and progressed.

We believe that the only real way to solve such a complex problem is by industry blending into the education process to teach “dynamic” concepts, while the education system teaches “static” traditional topics. iFusionFoundation is helping to close this “knowledge gap” in very unique ways by creating a bridge between industry and education, helping to fund cutting edge STEAM education both in and out of traditional classrooms.

Through uniquely created pathways between industry and education, we are augmenting education gaps, inspiring students by helping them see the big picture, facilitating experience and development of life skills, and helping to support many of them in this pathway to success.